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OrgChart Help Guide

Manage Menu


The Manage menu (in View Manager) allows Administrators and Read/Write users to add, modify, and delete Views.

Accessing the Manage Menu

Click on the Mode Switcher icon in the Top Toolbar, and then select the Setup option. The Setup panel is displayed.

Click on the View Manager tile. The View Manager user interface is displayed.


Click on the Manage dropdown menu.


Manage Menu Options

The following options are available in the Manage Menu:

Save View

Preserve changes made to selected View

New View

Create a new View

Rename View

Rename the selected View

Move View

Move a System generated View into the Shared View set.


This option is only available when browsing Views in the System View set.

Duplicate View

Duplicate the selected View

Delete View

Delete the selected View

Current Set

Indicates the current View Set, or library, a user is in.

Click to change the View Set, in order to access a View that is saved in a different library.

The following View Sets are available:

  • System - Views created by OrgChart and pre-installed in your account. System Views cannot be edited, but they can be moved to the Shared library for further modifications.

  • Shared - Views created by Administrators and Read/Write users in your account

  • User - Views created by you. User Views cannot be accessed by other users in your account.


Revert all unsaved changes made to the selected View.