OrgChart Now Help Guide

Print Current Screen


Audience: Any User Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Users can take a screen grab of the OrgChart to export a PDF of the chart exactly as it is shown on the screen.

The PDF will be formatted according to the default PDF export settings, configured in the Chart Settings: Publish panel.

The Print Current Screen option provides an expedited solution for quickly producing a PDF of your OrgChart.

Print Screen

  1. Click on the 5_2_Export.png icon in the Top Toolbar.

  2. Select the Print Current Screen option from the dropdown menu.


If you do not have Print Preview toggled on, you will instead get an unformatted version of you current screen, and your current PDF settings will be ignored.

To enable Print Preview, click on the 5_2_Viewer_PageSize.png icon, and then enable Print Preview . Select a page size to preview how your chart will look.

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