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OrgChart Help Guide



Audience: Administrators


Paychex is a Human Resource Management solution for small to medium-sized businesses. OrgChart can connect directly to Paychex. The following is a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to Paychex's compatibility with OrgChart.


  1. How do I set up my connection to Paychex?

    Select the following link to set up a Paychex connection.

  2. Can I pull photos from Paychex into my org charts?


  3. Can I limit the fields that a user is able to pull from Paychex?

    No. At this time fields can not be limited at the API level. You can still block certain fields from being pulled into OrgChart by applying a Limit Fields Import Filter.

  4. What fields can I pull from Paychex?

    OrgChart can pull most fields associated with an Employee's profile. Reference the Paychex Fields article for more information.

  5. Can I merge data from a secondary source with Paychex data?

    Yes. Reference the Merge Data Connectors article for more information.

  6. Can I embed org charts (generated from Paychex data) into my intranet?


  7. Can I filter which records are included in my org charts?

    Yes. You can filter which records and fields are imported into OrgChart using Import Filters. Reference the Import Filters article for more information.