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OrgChart Help Guide

Excel Spreadsheet


Users can export a Chart Document or Master Chart into an Excel spreadsheet, displaying the data in a tabular format.


Administrators can configure the field order, as well as which fields are included in an Excel export in the Chart Settings: Publish panel.

Exporting to Excel
  1. Click on the Export button in the Top Toolbar.

  2. Select the Excel Spreadsheet option from the dropdown menu.


    Note: Users can export to Excel from the Viewer, Workbench, Directory, and Planning modes.

  3. Click on one of the following export options to generate an Excel from chart data:

    Entire Chart

    Export the entire org chart.

    This Branch

    Export the displayed page plus all subordinate pages.

    This Page

    Export the displayed page only.

    Entire Chart (extended)

    Export the entire org chart including all orphan records.

    Top Level Orphans

    Export a list of orphan records (records with a missing or invalid Supervisor ID) that have subordinates. Top Level Orphans, as well as their subordinates, will not appear on the OrgChart.

    Orphan Records

    Export all orphan records including both Top Level Orphans and their subordinates.

    Chain of Command

    Export the entire org chart with a Chain of Command field that displays the reporting hierarchy for each employee.