OrgChart Now Help Guide

Web Publishing


Administrators can click on the Web Link option in the Export menu to create URLs that link to a Master Chart or Chart Document. This is useful for:

  • Bookmarking an org chart in your browser

  • Sharing an org chart via email

  • Embedding an org chart in a public or private website

Published URL content updates according to the refresh schedule of the linked Master Chart or Chart Document. This means that OrgCharts embedded in your intranet are automatically synchronized with your HR System.


Note: All HTML-based intranet platforms are supported. Examples include: Google Sites, WordPress Sites, SharePoint Sites, and HR Systems, such as PeopleHR.

Accessing Web Publishing

Click on the Export button in the Top Toolbar when in Viewer or Workbench mode.

Click on the Web Link option.

The following screen is displayed:


Web Publishing Options


Some features listed below are only available to Enterprise edition users.

Link Type

Public - Chart can be accessed by anyone who clicks on the generated link.

Private - Chart can only be accessed by someone with a valid User ID (email used for OrgChart Now) who clicks on the generated link. You can verify that someone has access to OrgChart Now, by searching in the Manage Users panel.

Restricted - Chart can only be accessed by clicking on the generated link embedded on a whitelisted web page (e.g.SharePoint Site or Intranet). Reference the Restricted Link Setup article for step-by-step instructions on how to configure Restricted Links.

Admin must configure a Restricted Link User in order to whitelist a web page. Reference the Account Settings: Authorization article for more information.

Link User Configuration

Configuring a link user depends on the type of link you are generating.

When configuring a link user for Public and Restricted links, you will have the following option:

  • UserID dropdown menu - Select the user id associated with the link that you are generating. The permissions assigned to that user will drive the level of access for the generated link.

If you are generating a Private link, you will not need to generate a Link User (see definition of Private link above). You do have the option to configure SAML Deep Links, Reference the Single-Sign On for more information, or contact OrgChart Now Support for help integrating OrgChart with your SSO platform.Single Sign-On (SSO)

Launch Configuration

Launch Mode

Select which tool or module will be opened:

Launch To

Launch to a specific chart, or Chart Document.


Use UI Profile

Apply UI permissions of the chosen UI Profile when the link is accessed.

A UI Profile is a configurable set of permissions, which allows admin to display or hide certain tools or modules from the end user. For example, a UI profile may or may not allow users to access the Search function or Profile panel. UI profiles can be altered by admin at any time, in order to add or remove UI components without needing to regenerate the link.


Note: This option is only available for Enterprise and Premium

Enable File Manager

Toggle ability to use File Manager for users with access to this link.

Enable Excel Export

Toggle ability to use Excel Export for users with access to this link.

Enable Publishing

Toggle ability to use Publishing for users with access to this link.

Enable Mouse Wheel

Toggle ability to use Mouse Wheel for users with access to this link.

Include Profile Panel

Toggle inclusion of Profile Panel for users with access to this link.

Include Subchart Panel

Toggle inclusion of Subchart Panel for users with access to this link.


Set the zoom for users with access to this link.

Starting Point

Top Box

Set the top box displayed when link is accessed.


Set the amount of levels displayed when link is accessed.


Specify the division that will open for the selected Multi-Chart Document.


Define launch settings for your link. For example, enter 'Language = FR' in the Parameters text box to launch your link with the language settings set to French.

To use multiple parameters, delineate the list with & signs. See the examples below:



Check to generate the link in an iFrame format

This allows you to embed chart content directly into your intranet or SharePoint Site.

Generate Link

Click to generate a link

Test Link

Click to view the contents of the link as it will appear for the end-user


Note: If you have generated a Restricted Link, you will need to whitelist the URL of the OrgChart server from which you are creating the link. Reference the Restricted Link Setup article for more information.

Copy Link

Click to copy the link to your clipboard