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OrgChart Help Guide

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Active Directory


Audience: Administrators


Active Directory (also known as AD) is a Microsoft directory service that is usually not accessible from outside an organization's firewall. Therefore, a direct connection to Active Directory is rarely possible (from the cloud).

In order to extract data from a customer's AD, a small software package (Active Directory Agent, see below) must be installed and configured on a server within the customer's network.

Reference the Active Directory Integration article for more data extraction options.

Active Directory Agent

The Active Directory Agent is a small software application that pushes data from your Active Directory to a drop folder in your OrgChart account.


  1. How do I set up my connection to Active Directory?

    There are several steps will assist in setting up the connection for Active Directory to your Org Chart account, see the following articles: AD Agent, AD Attributes Tool, AD Configuration, AD Integration, AD Scheduler.

  2. Can I limit the fields that a user is able to pull from Active Directory?


  3. What fields can I pull from Active Directory?

    Most text fields can be pulled from Active Directory.

  4. Can I merge data from a secondary source with Active Directory data?

    Yes, there are several ways data can be merged with Active Directory data.

  5. Can I embed org charts generated from Active Directory data into my intranet?

    Yes, there are several ways to share out your org chart onto an intranet.

  6. Can I add open requisitions from Active Directory into my org charts?

  7. Can I filter which records are included in my org charts?