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BambooHR Permissions


Audience: Administrator Users Edition: All Editions


The default BambooHR permissions do not limit the import of any OrgChart compatible field. To limit the import of specific fields, administrators must assign the API Service User a custom BambooHR Access Level.

Setting BambooHR Permissions.
  1. Sign in to your BambooHR account.

  2. Click on the BambooGear.png icon in the top-right corner.

  3. Click on Access Levels (in the Settings panel).

  4. Click on the + icon, and then select the Custom Access Level option from the dropdown menu.

  5. Name the custom Access Level (i.e. OrgChart Integration), add a description (if desired), and the click Next Step.

  6. Click Next Step again.

  7. Click on the Basic Info arrow (under the Personal heading).

  8. Mouse over the field you would like OrgChart to access and then click on the ViewOnlyBambooIcon.png icon to set the Access Level to "View Only." Enable View Only Access to match the screenshot below:



    Note: Certain fields are required to generate an OrgChart. Reference the Required Fields table below to view the fields that administrators must set to View Only, in order to successfully set custom BambooHR permissions.

  9. Click on the Job tab, and then enable View Only Access to match the screenshot below:

  10. Click on the Save & Finish button.

  11. Click on the Add Employee button.

  12. Search and select the name of the API Service User associated with your account. Reference the article BambooHR Configuration for more information on API Service Users.

  13. Click Done.

Required Fields

The following fields are required to generate a chart. Reference the Bamboo HR Additional Fields article for more information on additional fields you import into OrgChart Now.

Field Name


employeeNumber OR iD

Employee number (assigned by your company)

supervisorId OR supervisorEId

The 'employeeNumber' of the employee's CURRENT supervisor


The employee's first and last name


The CURRENT value of the employee's job title