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OrgChart Help Guide

Mode Switcher


OrgChart offers 6 different modes, each with its own user interface and experience.

The name of the mode that you are currently in is located in the top-left corner of your screen.


You can switch your mode using the Mode Switcher, which is located in the Top Toolbar of the user interface.



The options available in the Mode Switcher vary depending on a user's Role, Access Group, and edition.

Accessing the Mode Switcher

Click on the 5_2_Mode.png icon in the top-left corner of the screen. The Mode Switcher menu is displayed.


The following table offers additional information about each Mode available in the Mode Switcher:


A read only environment where users can view and navigate Master Charts and Chart Documents.


Search for chart records using multiple search criteria.


Create and share workforce plans in a real-time collaborative environment.

Point in Time

Generate a snapshot of archived chart data.


Create and modify Chart Documents using Master Chart data for customized presentation and export.


Access all of your Master Chart and account configuration settings.

Setup Menu

The Setup menu allows you to access your Master Chart and account settings in one location.

The following options are available within the Setup menu:


Chart Settings

Configure your data and modify chart presentation settings.

Account Settings

Manage user access and experience.

Background Editor

Add elements, such as logos, legends, tables, and more to display on the background of your chart.

View Manager

Create and modify Box Styles and Views to drive the presentation of your chart using your data.


Access to the Setup menu, and the options within it, are dictated by your assigned Role and Access Group.