OrgChart Now Help Guide

Move Record


Audience: Administrators


OrgChart Now allows Administrator Users to override the data flowing in from their HRIS Connector using the Append Table feature.

The Append Table allows Admin to display reporting lines on the org chart that differ from the HRIS system.

The following article provides step-by-step instructions for creating an Append Table updates the employee reporting structure.

Moving a Record with the Append Table
  1. Click on the Planning_moveout.png icon. The Find Record search box is displayed.

  2. Enter the name of the employee whose supervisor you would like to update in the Find Record search box, and then click on the employee to edit their record. The Move Box panel is displayed.



    Note: If you are moving a box that has subordinates, the subordinates will move with their manager accordingly.

  3. Search for and select the new supervisor to whom the employee will report in the Reports To search box.

  4. Click Save. The update is registered in the Table Editor.

  5. Click Exit.

  6. Click Save and then Refresh.