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UI Profiles


Audience: Administrators


The UI Profiles panel allows Administrators to create and mange UI Profiles in OrgChart Now.

UI Profiles control a user's access to certain modules and menus within OrgChart Now.

UI Profiles are selected when configuring Access Group, which are later assigned to users in the Account Settings: Manage Users panel.

Accessing UI Profile Settings

Select More > Account Settings and then select the UI Profiles option from the left side menu.Account Settings



The following options are available in the UI Profiles panel:

Select Profile dropdown

Use the drop down (marked Default) to switch between UI Profiles.

New Profile button

Create a new UI Profile.


Rename, copy, or delete the current UI Profile.


The 'Default' UI Profile cannot be renamed or deleted.

UI Profile Options:

The following options allow you to control the user experience for a given Access Group:

Enable Excel Export

Allows export of chart data to Excel.

Enable File Manager

Allow access to the File Manager in OrgChart Workbench.File ManagerOrgChart Workbench


Allow export of charts (to formats including: PDF, PowerPoint, SVG, PNG, or JPEG).

Include Profile Panel

Allow access to the Profile Panel.

Include Subchart Panel

Allow access to the Subchart Panel.Changing Subcharts


Allow access to Search functionality.


Enable access to Directory mode.


Enable access to Planning mode.

User must have a Read/Write or Administrator seat and the Planning module must be active.


Allow access to the About box.

Sign Out

Allow users to sign out of the application via the More menu or My Settings.

This option is typically disabled when Single Sign On is used.Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enable Mouse Wheel

Allow mouse wheel to scroll or zoom org charts. This option sometimes needs to be unchecked when OrgChart is embedded in an intranet site.

Show Filenames

Show the file name of an OrgChart document.


Enable Grid functionality in Viewer mode.

Show Username

Show a user's initialed circle where My Settings is located. This option is typically unchecked when Single Sign On is used, or if an Administrator does not want a user to have access to change their language preference.Single Sign-On (SSO)

Hover Profile

Enable hover profiles (if configured). A hover profile is a baseball card that is shown when the user moves their mouse over a chart box.

Enable Report Issue

Allows users in Workbench mode to signal another user about an issue or update.

Enable Workbench

Allow access to Workbench mode.

Launch to Self

Launch application to the employee record associated with that user.


For this feature to work, an administrator must configure the Record Retrieval method. Reference the Identifying the Field in the Record section in the Account Settings: Authorization article for more information.

Allow RW Users to Refresh Master Charts

Allow users with the Read/Write role to manually refresh Master Charts.

Allow Photo Search

Allow users to enable the display of employee photos in search results.

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