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OrgChart Now Help Guide

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ADP Configuration



Audience: Administrators


ADP is a Human Resource Management software. OrgChart Now directly connects with ADP, allowing you to import data directly from your ADP Workforce Now, Vantage, EV5, Decidium, ADP Workforce Now Next Generation, or ADP Next Gen HCM account into OrgChart.

Configuring an ADP Connector
  1. Sign up for OrgChart Now in the ADP Marketplace by clicking the Start a Free Trial button or choosing an edition to purchase.

  2. After starting your Free Trial or purchasing an edition, visit the ADP Consent Manager. An ADP consent dialog is displayed.

  3. If the ADP consent dialog is not displayed, click on the Manage button associated with OrgChart Now (in the Pending Consent table).

  4. Click on Allow, and then click on Continue to grant OrgChart permission to pull your data.

  5. Click on the ADP Marketplace icon on the ADP homepage.

  6. Click on MyApps.

  7. Select the Allow button to give OrgChart Now consent to query your data. To view a complete list of your consents, visit the Consent Manager.

  8. Select the Continue button to access OrgChart.


Note: Once a user connects ADP with their OrgChart Now account, ADP data will automatically sync to OrgChart Now as the Main Data Source. No more steps are required for importing ADP data into an OrgChart account.

Exceptions include:

  • Exporting ADP data to Excel (User does not want a direct API connection.). Reference the ADP Data Prep article for more information.

  • Importing ADP Recruitment data (User wants to include vacant positions). Reference the ADP Recruitment article for more information.