OrgChart Now Help Guide

My Settings


The My Settings function allows each user to configure certain aspects of their user experience.


Some of the settings listed below may not be available to you due to your Access Group.

Accessing My Settings

Click on the initialed circle (in the top-right corner of the User Interface) to access your personal settings.


My Settings

A user can customize their app experience in My Settings. The following menus are accessible from My Settings:

App Settings

Mouse Wheel

Set the behavior of your mouse wheel:

  • Off – Mouse wheel ignored

  • Zoom – Mouse wheel zooms in/out

  • Scroll (Up/Down) – Mouse wheel scrolls vertically

  • Scroll (Left/Right) – Mouse wheel scrolls horizontally

Enable Right Click

Enable/disable right click. Right-click sometimes needs to be disabled when a chart is embedded in an intranet or other web application.


Toggle measurements to display in SI (Metric) or English (Imperial). For example, you can control if Page Sizes are displayed in centimeters or inches.


See the language to be used in the OrgChart user interface. Available languages include English, French, Spanish and German.


Choose to explore the application in Light Mode or Dark Mode.

Light Mode

Select Light Mode to adjust your UI settings to display dark text on a light background.

Dark Mode

Select Dark Mode to adjust your UI settings to display light text on a dark background.

Comm Preferences

Click to open the Email Notification Preferences panel, where you can opt-in our out of OrgChart Now notifications.

Change Password

Click on this option to change your OrgChart password.

The following dialog is displayed:

Sign Out

Click on this button to sign out of the application.