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OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Sage 300 ZA


Audience: Administrators


Sage 300 ZA is a Human Capital Management software available in South Africa. OrgChart Now directly connects to Sage 300 to import employee records. The following article is a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to OrgChart's compatibility with Sage.


  1. Q: How do I set up my connection to Sage 300 ?

    Reach out to your Sage 300 Account Representative to request an integration with OrgChart.

    Then, click on the following link to set up a Sage 300 connection in OrgChart.

  2. Q: Can I pull photos from into my org charts?

    Not at the present time. However, reference the article "Working with Photos" to view a number of other methods available to pull photos into OrgChart.

  3. Q: Can I limit the fields that a user is able to pull from ?

    Yes. Reference the Limit Fields Import Filter article for more information.

  4. Q: What fields can I pull from Sage 300 ?

    The following list of fields can currently be pulled from Sage 300:

    • Full Name

    • Job Title

    • Email Address

    • Age

    • Annual Salary

    • Birthdate

    • Branch

    • Business Title

    • City

    • Company

    • Company Code

    • Company Display

    • Country

    • Country Code

    • Department

    • Department Code

    • Division

    • Division Code

    • Employee Code

    • Employee ID

    • Ethnicity

    • Gender

    • Initials

    • Known As

    • Last Name

    • Middle Name

    • Nationality

    • Position Code

    • Position Long Description

    • Position Status

    • Reports To

    • Reports to Employee ID

    • Salary

    • Salary Effective Date

    • Seniority Date

    • Shift

    • State

    • Work Phone

    • Years in Service

    • Zip Code

    Not seeing a field that you'd like to pull? Please reach out to our Support Team to submit a request.

  5. Q: Can I merge data from a secondary source with Sage 300 data?


  6. Q: Can I embed org charts (generated from Sage 300 data) into my intranet?


  7. Q: Can I filter which records are included in my org charts?