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Missing Photos


Audience: Any User Edition: Team, Enterprise, & Premium


The Missing Photos utility generates a spreadsheet containing a list of all records that have a missing or invalid photo reference.

Accessing Missing Photos

The Missing Photos utility is found in the Document Ribbon in OrgChart Workbench.Document RibbonOrgChart Workbench


Using Missing Photos Utility

To use the Missing Photos utility:

  1. Open a chart from the Home Ribbon.

  2. Select the Document Ribbon.

  3. Click the Missing Photos button.

  4. An Excel file containing a list of all missing images will be generated and downloaded to your computer.

Sample Output

The Missing Photos utility make it easy to determine which employees in a chart having missing photos. This is especially useful when working with charts containing hundreds or even thousands of boxes.

The "MissingPhotos" report contains three fields for each record with a missing photo:

  • PersonID - Employee ID (or other identifier) associated with an employee

  • Name - Employee name

  • Photo - <Folder>:<FileName> or <URL to Photo>


For example, for the chart above the following "MissingPhotos" report would be generated: