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OrgChart Help Guide

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Azure AD


Audience: Administrators


Azure AD is a single-sign-on, enterprise identity service that allows HR departments to store and access their data in one secure location. OrgChart directly connects with Azure AD. The following article is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) pertaining to OrgChart's compatibility with Azure AD.


  1. How do I set up my connection to Azure AD?

    Click the following link to set up the Azure AD Connector.

  2. Can I pull photos from Azure AD into my org charts?

    Yes. Reference the Azure AD Photo Configuration article for more information.

    If you would like to pull photos from Azure AD and Azure AD is not your Main Data Source, please contact OrgChart Support for assistance.

  3. Can I limit the fields that a user is able to pull from Azure AD?


  4. What fields can I pull from Azure AD?

    OrgChart can pull most fields that associated with an employee record from Azure AD. Contact OrgChart Support to confirm whether or not we can pull specific fields.

  5. Can I merge data from a secondary source with Azure AD data?


  6. Can I embed org charts (generated from Azure AD data) into my intranet?


  7. Can I add open requisitions into my org charts?

    Yes. You can append your Azure AD data with data from your Applicant Tracking System. Reference the Connector page to verify that OrgChart supports your Applicant Tracking System.

  8. Can I filter which records are included in my org charts?