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ADP Recruitment Management


Audience: Administrators


ADP Recruitment Management is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that allows HR professionals to manage talent acquisition throughout the recruitment process. OrgChart Now directly connects to ADP Recruitment Management, enabling Administrative Users to display open requisitions on their org charts. The following article provides step-by-step instructions for configuring and setting up the ADP Recruitment Management connector.

Configuring an ADP Recruitment Management Connector
  1. Sign into your ADP Enterprise or Vantage account, and then click on ADP Marketplace.

  2. Click on MyApps.

  3. Click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the OrgChart Now for ADP WFN, OrgChart Now for ADP Enterprise , or OrgChart Now for ADP Vantage application, and then select the Manage App option.

  4. Click on the Update Subscription tab. A list of editions will appear.

  5. Select the ADP Recruitment Management option (under the Choose Add-Ons heading, located at the bottom of the list).

  6. Click on Continue. The Billing Details menu appears.

  7. Select ADP Invoice to add ADP Recruitment Management to your existing ADP invoice.

  8. Click on Place Order.


    Note: It is Free to add ADP Recruitment Management to your OrgChart Now subscription. The process to add the module mimics a purchase, but you will not be charged.

  9. Check the Agree to Terms and Services checkbox, and then click Place Order. An email is sent to your ADP associated email.

  10. Open the email from ADP confirming your subscription update.

  11. Click on the provided link to grant consent to OCN to pull the recruitment data. A consent dialog is displayed.

  12. If you did not receive an email from ADP, click the following link to launch the ADP Consent Manager. Pending consents are displayed.

  13. Click on the Manage button (in the Update Settings column) of the OrgChart Now Recruiting Connector row. The consent form is displayed.

  14. Click on the Allow button, and then click Continue.

Setting up an ADP Recruitment Management Connector
  1. Log in to OrgChart.

  2. Click More > Chart Settings. The Source panel is displayed by default.

  3. Click on the Plus_new.png icon (under the Append Data heading). The Append Data Source panel appears.

  4. Click on the ADP Recruit Management icon, and then click on Select.

  5. Optionally, check the Separate boxes for each open job requisition checkbox to display boxes for each available opening associated with an open job requisition ID.

  6. Click Save, and then Refresh.