OrgChart Now Help Guide

Access Groups


Audience: Administrators


The Access Group panel allows Administrators to create and modify groups defining user access.

Access Groups control access privileges to source data and application features. Access Groups are assigned to users in the Account Settings: Manage Users panel.

Accessing Access Groups

Select More > Account Settings and then select the Access Groups option from the Settings dropdown menu.Account Settings


Access Groups Options

The following options are available in the Access Groups panel.

Create Group

Create a new access group. See Configuring Access Groups section below.


Mouse over to configure Access Group.


Mouse over to copy Access Group.


Mouse over to delete Access Group.

Configuring Access Groups

The Access Group Configuration panel allows Administrators to set the application functionality and access privileges for the selected Access Group.


General Settings

The General Settings section allows Administrators to select application functionality and folder access for members of the selected Access Group.

Export to Excel

Check to allow exporting raw data to Excel.

Allowed Folders dropdown

Click on the 5_2_RoundPlus_icon.png icon (to the right of the Allowed Folders heading) to add accessible folders.

By default, folders will be locked.

Hover over the name of the folder, and then click on the 5_2_LOCKED_icon.png icon to unlock the folder.

Users with access to unlocked folders will be able to add content to it.


When creating Access Groups, always grant access to the Masters folder, so that users can view the Master Page elements on the chart. The Masters folder can remain locked.

Edit Templates and Box Styles

Check to allow modification of Templates and Box Styles in OrgChart Workbench.Templates PanelBox Styles PanelOrgChart Workbench

Row Level Security

Check to enable Row Level Security. The Row Level Security dropdown menu is displayed.

Click on the Row Level Security dropdown menu, and then select a Row Level Security Profile from the list.

Role Assignment

Check to always assign a Read Only, Read/Write, or Admin seat role. Reference the Manage Users article for more information on seat roles.

UI Profile

Check to assign a default or custom UI Profile.

Private Folder Access

Check to generate and allow access to user-assigned private folders in the File Manager. This option is only available for users assigned a Read/Write or Admin seat role.

Point in Time

Check to allow access to the Point in Time module.Chart Settings: Point-in-Time Charts

Chart Settings

The Chart Settings section allows Administrators to set Chart Access, Branch Level Security, and Allowed Views settings for each Master Chart.

Chart dropdown

Click to select for which Master Chart to configure access settings.

Chart Access

Check to allow access to the selected Master Chart.

Branch Level Security

Check to enable Branch Level Security for the selected Master Chart.

Click on the Select a Profile dropdown menu to select the Branch Level Security profile to assign to members of the selected Access Group for the selected Master Chart.

Allowed Views dropdown

Click to toggle on and off access to available Views.

Allowed Filters dropdown

Click to toggle on and off access to available Filters.

Allowed Highlights dropdown

Click to toggle on and off access to available Highlights.