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OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Audience: Administrators

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that provides customer relationship management service. OrgChart Now allows for Salesforce to be directly connected as a main data source in creating organizational charts.


  1. How do I set up my connection to Salesforce?

    Reference the Salesforce Connector Setup article.

  2. Can I limit the fields that a use is able to pull from Salesforce?

    Yes. Reference the Salesforce configuration article for more information.

  3. What fields can I pull from Salesforce?

    You can pull any fields associated with the base object that you query in Salesforce. Verify with your Salesforce system administrator that your designated OrgChart Service User has permissions to query the fields you are trying to pull.

  4. Can I merge data from a secondary source with Salesforce data?

    Yes. For example, you can include open requisitions in your org chart from a number of external systems including Greenhouse, iCIMS, and Jobvite.

  5. Can I embed org charts (generated from Salesforce data) into my intranet?

    Yes. You can embed live charts into your intranet - these charts can be set to auto-sync from Salesforce. Set and forget.

  6. Can I add open requisitions from Salesforce into my org charts?

    Yes. Depending upon your org's data setup within Salesforce, it is possible to query open requisitions. Contact OrgChart Now Support for more information.

  7. Can I filter which records are included in my org charts?