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PeopleHR Custom Fields


Audience: Administrators


PeopleHR is a web-based Human Resource Management software. OrgChart Now directly connects to PeopleHR. The following article provides step-by-step instructions for configuring custom fields within PeopleHR, and pulling PeopleHR custom fields into OrgChart.

Configuring Custom Fields
  1. Log in to PeopleHR.

  2. Click on the Settings tab (at the bottom of the right side menu), and then click the Company option.

  3. Click the Turn On button located to the right of the Analysis Code in Use field. Two custom fields are displayed.

  4. Enter a name for each custom field.

  5. Click on the Employee tab from the right side menu.

  6. Select an employee.

  7. Click on the Personal tab in the employee profile menu.

  8. Click on the Custom Field dropdown menu, and then select the +(Manage This List) option. The Custom Field List Manager appears.

  9. Click on the + button, and then enter a field value in the Custom Field textbox.

  10. Check the In Use checkbox., and then click on Save.

  11. Close the Custom Field List Manager.

  12. Click on the Custom Field dropdown menu, and then select a field value (entered in step 9) from the dropdown menu.

  13. Assign values to each employee for the custom field(s) you wish to pull into OrgChart Now.

  14. Include the custom fields in the query created for OrgChart Now. Contact PeopleHR Support for assistance on adding these custom fields to your query.

Pulling Custom Fields
  1. Log in to OrgChart.

  2. Click More > Chart Settings. The Source panel is displayed.

  3. Check the Use Query checkbox.

  4. Enter the name of the query which includes your custom field data into the Query Name text box.

  5. Click on Save, and then Refresh.