OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Export to PNG, SVG, and JPEG


Audience: Any User Edition: All Editions


Users can export a Chart Document or Master Chart into a PNG, SVG, or JPEG format to share with other employees, or use in a presentation.


Administrators can configure default export options for images in the Chart Settings: Publish panel.

Exporting to PNG, SVG, or JPG

  1. Click on the 5_2_Export.png icon in the Top Toolbar.

  2. Configure the following presentation options for the export:

    Crop to chart

    Output only the displayed org chart. Master page elements are excluded.

    Transparent Background

    Export a PNG or SVG of the chart with a transparent background. This is useful for pasting the image on a colored background or template.

    White Background

    Export a JPG of the chart with a white background. This option is useful if you plan to print the JPG, in order to conserve printer ink.

    High Quality

    Export a higher quality image. Use this option if embedding PNG in a Word document or PowerPoint presentation.

  3. Click on the Download button. The chart is exported in the desired format exactly as it is shown on the screen.