OrgChart Now Help Guide

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TriNet Configuration


Audience: Administrator Users Edition: Enterprise & Premium


TriNet is a cloud-based professional employer organization. Administrators can import data directly from TriNet into OrgChart Now.

Configure your TriNet API
  1. Sign in to your TriNet account.

  2. Click on your email in the top right, and then select the My Apps option.

  3. Click on the App Registration associated with OCN in the My Apps list. If this option is not available, contact your TriNet System Administrator to configure your OCN App Registration.

  4. Click on the TriNetADDKEY.png button (in the API Keys section) to add an API Key. The Create a Key Dialog appears.

  5. Click on the Confirm button. The API Key has been added to the API Key list.

  6. Click on the TriNetCOPY.png icon next to the API Key and the Secret to copy and paste this information in a safe place. Refer to this information when setting up the TriNet Connector.

  7. Click on the TriNetSAVE.png icon at the bottom of the page.

Set up your TriNet Connector
  1. Log in to your OrgChart Now account.

  2. Select More > Chart Settings.

  3. Click on the Excel icon (under the Main Data Source heading), and then double-click the TriNet icon.

  4. Enter the Company (provided by your TriNet System Administrator), Client ID, and Client Secret (copied in step 6 of the previous section) in the corresponding textboxes.

  5. Click Save. The Configure Mapping dialog appears.

  6. Click on the Load Now button.

  7. Click on the Name dropdown menu, and select the correct TriNet Field for mapping Name.


    Note: Administrators may have to create a custom field formula that combines multiple Name data fields. Reference the Fields and Formulas article for more information on how to create custom fields.

  8. Click Save, and then click Refresh.