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Co-Head Example


Audience: Administrator Users Edition: Enterprise & Premium


OrgChart administrators have the option to create Co-Head charts when their organization has more than one chief executive officer. The following article provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a co-head chart in OrgChart Viewer. Reference the article Co-Head Example (Workbench) to learn how to create a Co-Head chart in OrgChart Workbench.Co-Head Example (Workbench)

Creating a Co-Head Chart

  1. Log in to your OrgChart account.

  2. Select More > Chart Settings.

  3. Create a Master Chart using this sample data.


    Note: You will receive a Mapping Configuration Alert. When prompted, click on the Configure Mapping button, and then click on the Load button. When finished, click Save .The mapping should look like the screenshot below:

  4. Check the Co-Head checkbox under the Top Box heading.

  5. Click on the RefreshPlus.png icon to the right of the Co-Head option. A search bar appears.

  6. Search and select the names of the Top Box employees.



    Note: Administrators can select up to 4 employees to display at the top of the org chart.

  7. Click Refresh. The Co-Head chart below is created.