OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Multi-Chart Documents


Multi-chart documents allow you to store multiple independent charts within a single document (like tabs in an Excel spreadsheet). This is useful when the user needs to create separate charts based on specific criteria (e.g. department, division, business unit, location, etc.) within the organization.


When creating new charts in Workbench, the multi-chart document function is found in the Filter Data step of the Import Wizard.

For existing charts (or charts created from OrgChart Now Builder), the multi-chart document function is accessed using the Advanced Options button in Workbench.

Multi-Chart Document Options

The following options are available

Split Using

Select the field used to break the chart into multiple charts (typically the department, location or division).

Alternate Key

The alternate key allows you to include a person in more than one department (or location). For example, a person could be a member of both the sales and marketing teams. In this case the "Split Using" value would be "Sales" and the "Alternate Key" value would be "marketing."

Handle multiple department heads

OrgChart will automatically create a single chart even if there are multiple top records for a single criteria. For example, the head of marketing and the head of sales are both located in the "Atlanta" office (both report to the CEO which is located in Dallas). In this case, a single chart for Atlanta will be created (with the CEO as the top box).

Add Executive Team

Always include direct subordinates for the CEO in the executive chart (even if they do not match the current criteria).

Include Chain of Command

Include an additional level of management with each chart.

Setting Up Multi-Chart Documents from Viewer/Builder

If using the Premium or Enterprise edition, follow these instructions to set up a multi-chart document.

  1. Download this Sample Data.

  2. Create a new master chart in Viewer. For instructions on setting up a master chart, see Create a Master Chart.

  3. Under the Workbench icon, open OrgChart Builder to create a chart.

  4. Click the Advanced tab in the Builder page and check the box next to "Create multi-chart document".

  5. Use the dropdown menu for Split Using and select Location.

  6. Use the dropdown menu for Alternate Key and select Department. Then click Go to create the chart.

  7. Proceed to Step 7 in the Setting Up Multi-Chart Documents in Workbench instructions below.

Setting Up Multi-Chart Documents in Workbench

If using the Team edition, follow these instructions to set up a multi-chart document.

  1. Create a new chart by importing the data into Workbench (see Import Wizard for more information on importing in Workbench).

  2. On the Filter Data page of the Import Wizard, select the box next to "Create multi-chart document", then click the Options button.

  3. Under the "Split using:" menu, select the field you want to use to separate the pages of the chart.

  4. Select the applicable options regarding alternate key, multiple department heads, adding an executive team, and including a chain of command, then click "OK".

  5. Select the Refresh icon under the Refresh or Home ribbons to refresh the chart.

  6. This will split the chart into multiple pages. The different pages of the multi-chart document are accessed under the Subchart tab in the panel.

  7. To navigate between the different pages, click on the drop down menu at the top of the Subchart tab.

  8. To select a different page of the chart, click the desired page from the drop down menu.

  9. The page will change when you select the new option.