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OrgChart Help Guide

Document Menu


The Document Menu allows Administrators and Read/Write users to save and access Chart Documents, modify page properties, as well as utilize tools for comparing and analyzing Chart Documents.

Accessing the Document Menu

Click on the 5_2_Mode_Small.png icon to open the Mode Switcher. Then, click on the Workbench button.

The Workbench dialog is displayed.


Open a recently open document, open an existing document, create a blank chart, or use the Chart Builder to enter the Workbench.

Click on the Document menu.


Document Menu Options

The following options are accessible in the Document dropdown menu:


Create a new chart document using one of the following options:

  • Chart Builder - Build a chart with existing Master Chart data

  • Import - Build a chart with data from a data source that is not feeding the current Master Chart.

  • Blank Chart - Build a chart manually, or use the blank canvas to build a Master Page.


Launch the File Manager to open a previously saved Chart Document.

Document Settings

Launch Document Settings to configure various document level options, such as scheduling an automatic refresh, filtering chart document data, and more.


Save changes on current Chart Document.

Save As...

Save the current Chart Document as a new Chart Document.

File Manager

Access Chart Documents, data, photos, and other OrgChart files.


Close current Chart Document.

Compare Charts

Download an Excel detailing the difference between two selected Chart Documents.

Missing Photos

Download an Excel of all records without photos.