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OrgChart Help Guide



The Workbench allows Administrators and Read/Write users to create and modify customized chart exports using their Master Chart data.

Accessing Workbench

Click on the 5_2_Mode_Small.png in the top-left corner of the screen, and then select the Workbench option.

A popup with the following options is displayed:


Click to launch open the Chart Builder, in order to create a Chart Document using your Master Chart data.

Chart Documents are customized in the Workbench.


Click to open the File Manager, and then select an existing document to edit in the Workbench


Click to open a blank chart document in the Workbench.

Recent Documents

Select a Chart Document from the Recent Document section to quickly open a recently opened Chart Document in the Workbench.

Unsaved Charts

Select a Chart Document from the list of unsaved drafts,.

Unsaved drafts are recovered and stored in your account whenever you don't get the chance to save your work before exiting Workbench.

Select one of the options in the Workbench dialog menu. The Workbench user interface is displayed.