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Azure Active Directory


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise


Azure Active Directory is an Identity Management Platform where customers can access their web apps using SSO.

The following article provides guidance for configuring SSO within Azure Active Directory, so that you can successfully access OrgChart Now from one, convenient location.

Configuring SSO
  1. Create a SAML App in Azure Active Directory. For assistance, contact your Azure AD System Administrator.

  2. Enable single sign on for the application by following the instructions available here.

  3. The following information should be entered for the Basic SAML Configuration section:

    • Identity (Entity ID): https://{OrgChartServer}


      If you have requested custom metadata, you will need to provide the entity ID provided in the OrgChart Now custom metadata link.

    • Redirect URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL): https://{OrgChartServer}


      Your Azure AD Entity ID can be found by downloading the Federation Metadata XML in the SAML Signing Certificate section. The Entity ID is listed between the quotation marks after entityID=

    • Sign-On URL: https://{OrgChartServer}

  4. Click on Save to preserve your changes, and then assign the application to a group(s) or user(s) in your account.

  5. Once SAML has been configured and the app has been assigned in Azure AD, configure SSO in the Account Settings Authorization panel. Reference the SSO Configuration article for step-by-step instructions.