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OrgChart Help Guide

Table of Contents

Account Settings


Audience: Administrators


Account Settings allows Administrators to configure the user experience for each user in the account.

Accessing Account Settings

Click on the Mode Switcher icon in the Top Toolbar, and then select the Setup option. The Setup panel is displayed.

Click on the Account Settings tile.


By default, the General menu is displayed.


Click on another option in the left side menu to navigate to a different Account Settings panel.

Account Settings Panels

The settings configured in Account Settings are applied ubiquitously across the account.




Set which module is launched upon login, and view Administration details about your account.

Chart Management

Create additional Master Charts, and oversee Chart Documents in Viewer.


Customize various aspects of the OrgChart user interface.

Access Groups

Create and modify groups, controlling access to functionality, folders, Master Charts, Views, Fields, and even Branches.


Create and modify Row-Level and Branch Level security profiles that can be used when configuring Access Groups.


Configure Restricted Link access and automated Role and Access Group assignment..

Manage Users

Create and modify users, as well as their user experience within OrgChart.

UI Profiles

Create and modify profiles dictating the modules available for users to access.


Backup or restore Viewer configurations.