OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Admin User Impersonations


Audience: Administrators Edition: All Editions


OrgChart admin can log in as other account users. This is a helpful way to troubleshoot issues in the account, as well as test security settings.

Impersonating a User

  1. Select More > Account Settings, and then choose the Security option from the dropdown menu.

  2. Check the Enable Administrator User Impersonation checkbox under the General heading, and then click Save.

  3. Select More > Sign Out.

  4. Select the Support Login option above the login menu on the OrgChart Now welcome page.

  5. Enter your email in the username text box.

    Enter your password in the password text box.

  6. Enter the email associated with the account you want to impersonate in the Customer Email text box.

  7. The administrator is logged in as the user. The access privileges will be restricted in accordance with the established security settings.