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OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Plan Explorer


Audience: Administrators & Read/Write Users Edition: Enterprise


The Plan Explorer provides an interface to manage all plans shared with, or created by, the current user.

The extent to which a user can interact with a plan, depends upon their plan role.

Plan Explorer

All planners will have access to the following tabs:

  • Active Plans - Contains all plans that you have created, or that have been shared with you, that are currently Active.

  • Archived Plans - Contains all plans that you have created, or that have been shared with you, that are currently Archived.

Planners with an assigned access role of Administrator will have access to an additional tab:

  • Administrator - Contains all active and archived plans in the account of which the current user is not a plan owner.


Plan Roles

Roles determine how a user can interact with a specific plan. For each plan, users are assigned one of the following roles:


Plan owners can modify, synchronize, share, delete, lock, and archive their plans.


Collaborators can move, update, delete and add boxes to plans.


Viewers can view plans, but not make any changes.


Administrators can share, modify, delete, lock, and archive any plan within the account. even those that have not been directly shared with that user.

Plan Explorer Functions

The following functionality is available in the Plan Explorer. Your role determines which functions you can apply to any given plan.


Search for a specific plan.


Mouse over a plan to share it with other users.


Mouse over a plan row to lock or unlock a plan.

Locked plans cannot be edited.


Mouse over a plan row to expand the Additional Plans Options menu.


Mouse over a plan row to download a copy of the selected plan.

New Plan

Create a new plan using the Plan Builder.

Open Plan

Open the selected plan.


Exit Plan Explorer.

Additional Plan Options

The following additional options are available. Mouse over a plan row and then click on the 5_2_ThreeDotMenu_Round.png button to access additional Plan Options.

Rename Plan

Rename the selected Plan

Duplicate Plan

Duplicate the selected plan.

Archive Plan

Archive the selected plan (only available for Active Plans).

Archived plans cannot be edited; however, Archived Plans can be reactivated. if additional editing needs to occur.

Activate Plan

Reactivate an archived plan.

Delete Plan

Permanently delete the selected plan.

Editable Fields

Specify which fields within a plan that a collaborator (or plan owner) can edit.

Effective Dates

Toggle to enable/disable use of effective dates for plan changes (add, delete, move or update).