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Creating Shortcuts


Shortcuts allow users to build a customized "hot spot" navigation menu with custom labels and destinations to access employees and departments with a single click. For this example, we will use sample data from an Excel spreadsheet.


Unless you have a Shortcut field in your data source, the Shortcuts icon will not appear in OrgChart Viewer.

Creating Shortcuts in Your Data

  1. First, you must insert an extra field into your data called "Shortcut". If you want to create separate headings for your shortcuts, include the heading you want to use followed by a colon (:).

  2. Import your data into OrgChart Viewer. For instructions on importing Excel data into Viewer, click here.

  3. Once your data is loaded into Viewer, and you have a chart displayed, it is time to set up the Shortcuts.

  4. Click on the More icon, then select Chart Settings.

  5. In the Settings drop down menu, select "Subcharts & Shortcuts".

  6. Check the box next to the Shortcut Field, and select "Shortcut" from the drop down menu.

  7. Save and refresh your chart.

  8. Click on the Shortcuts icon to see and search a list of shortcuts in the chart. Shortcuts will be organized based on the headings you provided in Step 1.

  9. Double-click a shortcut. For the purposes of this example, we will click a location-based link (San Jose).

  10. The application will navigate to the part of the chart where the person you tagged with the San Jose location resides.

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