OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Pie Chart Example


OrgChart Now allows you to create a pie chart based on available data to be included in the Master Page of your org chart. This feature is only accessible through the Master ribbon in Workbench.

In this example, we will create a pie chart on the Master Page that shows the different values of the Location field in the data.

Creating a Pie Chart

  1. Open a chart in OrgChart Workbench by opening a chart from the File Manager, or using OrgChart Builder from Viewer.

  2. Click on the Master ribbon in the top toolbar.Master Ribbon

  3. Select the 2020-11-18_14-51-01.png icon in the ribbon, and then click anywhere in the chart to place the pie chart.

  4. With the pie chart selected, select the Layout icon to open the Box Layout Editor.

  5. Click and drag the desired field (Location) from the list of available fields on the left into the chart. This will create a pie chart based on the values in that field and include a legend at the bottom of the different values.

  6. Set the Box Width and Height to Fixed from the dropdown menus.

  7. Use the + arrow to increase both the Box Width and Box Height to 2.40in.

  8. Select the OK button to close the Box Layout Editor.

  9. Use the Positioning icon in the Arrange section to pin the pie chart in the lower left corner of the chart.

  10. Select the Save Master icon to save the file as a Master Page called "Location Pie Master Page".


This Master Page is now available to be applied in templates or in Chart Settings: Presentation in Viewer.Templates Panel

Formatting the Page

Depending on the side of the pie chart, there is a chance that when applied to an org chart, the pie chart can overrun some records.


To fix this, we adjust the footer of the Master Page to ensure that no records will be that close to the pie chart.

  1. Open the Master Page file "Location Pie Master Page" in Workbench.

  2. Select the Document ribbon in the top toolbar.Document Ribbon

  3. Click on the Properties icon in the ribbon.

  4. Change the Footer under the Margins section to custom and adjust the footer height to 6.

  5. Select the OK button to save these changes.

  6. Select the Home ribbon, and Save the changes to your Master Page. Now, the boxes and pie chart will not overrun each other.Home Ribbon