OrgChart Now Help Guide

OrangeHRM Connector


Audience: Administrators


OrgChart Now can import data directly from OrangeHRM. The following article provides step-by-step instructions for configuring an OrangeHRM connector.

OrangeHRM Configuration

Contact your OrangeHRM System Administrator to generate a Subdomain, Client ID, and Client Secret. Reference the OrangeHRM REST API documentation for more information.

OrangeHRM Setup
  1. Log in to OrgChart.

  2. Select More > Chart Settings.

  3. Double click on the Excel icon under the Main Data source heading.

  4. Click on the OrangeHRM icon, and then click on the Select button.

  5. Enter the Subdomain, Client ID, and Client Secret (provided by your OrangeHRM System Administrator).

  6. Click Save. The Configure Mapping Alert appears.

  7. Click on the Load Now button, and then click Save after OrgChart has finished automatically loading the headers.

  8. Click Save and Refresh.