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OrgChart Help Guide



Administrators and Read/Write users can create new chart documents while in Workbench mode.

New chart documents can be created using Builder, opening a blank Chart Document, or importing data directly from a data source that is not feeding your current Master Chart.

Creating a Chart Document in Workbench

To create a Chart Document in Workbench, you must access the Document menu, and then select the Create option.


The Create a Workbench Document dialog is displayed.

Create Options

The following options are available to Administrators and Read/Write users who wish to create new Chart Documents from Workbench.


Create a new Chart Document with existing Master Chart data using Builder.


Create a new Chart Document using data imported from a source that is not linked to the Master Chart. Reference the Import Wizard article for more information.


Create a new Chart Document using a blank Chart Document page.

This option is useful for manually building charts, or for making Master Pages.

Recent Documents

Click on a Chart Document under the Recent Documents heading to open and resume working on an existing chart.