OrgChart Now Help Guide



The About panel contains useful information regarding the open Master Chart, the current user, the account, and other various diagnostic details.

When logging a support ticket with OrgChart Support, provide information from the About panel to expedite the support process.

Accessing the About Panel

Click on the 5_2_More.png icon in the Top Toolbar, and then select the About option from the dropdown menu.

The About menu is displayed.

About Panel Options

Users have the following options when copying information from the About panel :

Copy All

Copy all sections from the About menu to the clipboard.

Copy Section

Copy a specific section of the About menu to the clipboard.

Chart Info

Chart Name:

Name of the current Master Chart.

Current View:

Name of the View that is applied to the Master Chart.

Filters Applied:

List of applied filters.

Master Page:

Master Page applied to the current Master Chart.

Levels Shown:

Number of levels of the organization showing on current subchart of the Master Chart..

Current Top Box:

Name and Title of the person at the top of the current subchart.

Box Count:

Total number of records in the Master Chart.


Box Count does not include placeholder boxes on Functional Charts, or auxiliary employee records.

Orphan Records:

Total number of orphan records. Orphan records cannot be included in an org chart due to a missing or invalid Supervisor ID.

Boxes Shown:

Total number of boxes displayed on the current Subchart.

Last Refreshed:

Date and time the chart was last synchronized with source data.

User Details

User Name:

User name of current user.

Email Address:

Email address of the current user.

Access Group:

Name of the Access Group to which the current user belongs.

Account Type:

Displays the Role of the current user.

Account Details


Unique identification code (assigned by OrgChart Now) associated with the current account.


The Edition of OrgChart Now the current account is running.

Box Limit:

Maximum number of employee records the Administrator can import into the current account (typically aligned with the total number of employees in the organization).


Exceeding the Box Limit may result in some refresh limitations. Contact to increase the Box Limit.

Expire Date:

Expiration date of the OrgChart Now subscription.

Application Info


Version of the software the current account is running.


Current user's internet browser.

Server Information:

Web address of the OrgChart server on which the current account is hosted.