OrgChart Now Help Guide

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UKG Pro Configuration


Audience: Administrators


The UKG Pro connectors allows administrators to import UKG Pro data directly into OrgChart Now. To get started, an administrator must open an Administrative Case with the Administrative SaaS Team in order to add the BI Consumer (Core) role to your report. Additionally you will need set permissions for the BI Consumer (Core) role to read, execute, and traverse the following:

  • The employee report

  • The folder where the employee report is stored

  • The parent folder

Configuring an UKG Pro Connector
  1. Log in to your UKG Pro account.

  2. Select the System Configuration tab, and then select the Service Account Administration option.

  3. Click on the + button to add a new API Service User account.

  4. Enter a user name (Typically this would be your AR number followed by "_OrgChartNow. For example: ABC1001_OrgChartNow).

  5. Enter an email address (typically the administrator's email address).

  6. Check the Generate New Password checkbox. The password will be auto-generated after clicking Save.

  7. Check the View checkbox associated with the following required fields:

    • Employee Person

    • Employee Job

    • Employee Employment Information

  8. Before continuing to the next step, make sure that you have a record of the following information:

    • User name: (from Step 4)

    • Password: (from Step 6)

    • User API Key: (to the right of the the newly created user)

    • Customer API Key: (at the top of Service Account Administration panel)

  9. Click Save in the upper right corner.

  10. Click on the System Configuration tab, and then select the Web Services option.

  11. Look for the Business Intelligence web service endpoint. Note the first part of the endpoint address, i.e. "service4."

  12. Select the Business Intelligence tab.

  13. Create a new folder called "OrgChart."

  14. Create a report, and then name this report "OrgChart Employee Report."

  15. Note the Report Path starting at zzzCompany Folders (i.e. zzzCompany Folders_Acme Inc_UKGPro_IT Reports_OrgChart).

  16. Include (at least) the following required fields in the report:

    • Employee Name

    • Employee Number

    • Supervisor Employee Number

    • Job Title

    • Org Level 2 - Department Name

    • Org Level 2 Code - Department Number

    • Employment Status

    • Employee Type

  17. Set the properties for the report.

  18. Make sure the report is filtered on Active (and if needed LOA employees).

  19. Select the Permissions tab, and ensure the following is true:

    • The report has the BI Consumer (Core) role.

    • The Override the Access Permissions Acquired from the Parent Entry checkbox is checked.

    • The BI Consumer (Core) permissions are set to Read, Execute, and Traverse.