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OrgChart Now 2019 Release Notes

This article lists all the release notes for the OrgChart software tool, as denoted by revision number. This isn't a comprehensive list of every last little fix in the build, but rather a highlight reel of interesting new features, important fixes, and any significant updates we want you to know about.

Version 5.0 - Released on November 15, 2019

  • New Login Experience - New login screen, faster login, and the ability to reset your password directly via a link instead of a temporary password.

  • Massive Performance Increase - Speed across the application has been greatly enhanced, especially for Publishing and charts in the Viewer.

  • Grouping - Boxes can be combined into Multi-Record boxes. You can group boxes together by title, or group co-managers or co-heads together. Never before has it been so easy to simply drag and drop boxes into groups. You can drag branches into or out of the parking lot directly onto your Co-Manager or co-head groups. You have full control over the presentation of these groups, and can use rule driven chart templates to drive your grouping behavior.

  • Highlighting - Highlight boxes with a chart template or with dynamic highlight in the viewer. These highlights allow you to easily flag boxes with certain criteria.

  • New Connector panel - More easily manage your connectors in the workbench.

  • New Chart Builder - Chart Builder 2.0. The new chart builder is launched directly from the viewer. It has significantly more functionality than before, all while having a smaller footprint and more intuitive usage.

  • Advanced Search - Customize advanced search options for use in the Viewer. Your Simple Search continues to be an easy combination of Name and Title, but you can customize an advanced search with the fields you need to quickly locate employees.

  • Updated Refresh Properties Ribbon: More easy to access refresh properties for your Chart Documents.

  • Updated Scheduler: Bringing up the Chart Document Scheduler now indicates if another member of your organization has already tuned on the scheduler for the Chart Document.

  • New Connectors for Database Charts: SuccessFactors, UltiPro, and Workday have been added as full API Connectors for Database Charts.

  • Huge number of bug fixes, enhancements, and interface cleanups.

Version 4.8.5P2 - Released on September 04, 2019

  • Enhanced Excel Export - Include calculated fields in Excel reports

  • Enhanced Formulas - Formula size limit has been increased from 1,024 to 1,200 characters

  • Over 20 bug fixes, performance improvements and other small enhancements

  • Improved Security Configuration - Improved UI for configuring row level security. ENTERPRISE ONLY

Version 4.8.5 - Released August 02, 2019

  • ADP Recruiting Module - ADP Premium and Enterprise customers can bring in ADP Recruiting data to use alongside their normal ADP WFN data.

  • Personal Templates/Box Styles - Read Write and Admin users can create their own personal templates and box styles. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Grid View - View your data in the Viewer in an Excel-like grid view. Highlight rows/columns, filter data, and copy values from your data more easily than ever. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Account Settings Panel - Update all account settings, download the activity report, and manage users and security groups from the Viewer. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Enhanced security suite - Dynamically assign roles and security profiles to users as they login via SSO. View the security setup from the account settings panel in the Viewer. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • UI Profiles - Create UI Profiles from the Viewer, and assign your users into UI profiles based on their security group setting. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 4.8.4 - Released on June 28, 2019

  • Improved Master Page Images - PNG images can now be loaded into the Master Page. Transparent background of PNG images allow for background color of Master Page to be set.

  • Enhanced Excel Export - Additional reports for orphans/islands. Report of entire org (including orphans and main hierarchy). Also, control which fields are exported as part of standard report including field order. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Chart Synchronization - Synchronize charts built with Chart Builder with the source HR system. Allows automation of advanced features such as placeholder charts. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Chart Viewer/Builder Field Types - Set type/format of fields (e.g. date, image, percentage, number of decimal places and thousands separator). ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Chart Viewer/Builder Formula Definitions - Create custom calculations for use within Chart Viewer/Builder. Support for dynamic and static calculations (e.g. dynamically calculated headcount vs headcount from source HR data). ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Enhanced head-end filters - More robust filtering on Enterprise import. For example, include matches plus all subordinates (of match). ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Security enhancements - More robust row and branch level security. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 4.8.3 - Released May 24, 2019

  • Improved File Manager - Easily sort files by date modified, file name, and size. Improved support for large number of files in a directory (better scrolling). Details view for files that shows photo preview, file size and file author information.

  • Improved Refresh - 'Preserve Manual Breaks' feature now more intelligently re-applies user changes to the breaks (manually insert/remove) after each refresh.

  • Layered chart templates - Share rules between multiple templates. Create one common template and then reference in any other template.

  • Dynamic Master pages - Chart templates applies master page based on a data driven rule (e.g. 'company code' = 'Acme')

  • Dynamic Conditional Formats - automatically re-apply the active chart template as you move, add, edit or delete boxes.

  • Improved Excel Export - Exporting numeric fields preserves decimal places and the thousands separator.

  • Enhanced Sorting - specify box sort criteria for Viewer and Chart builder. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Enhanced ICIMS integration - now pull in your ICIMS data into Viewer and OrgChart Builder. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Enhanced Workday integration - now pull in your Workday data into Viewer and OrgChart Builder. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Enhanced Excel integration - now more variants of Excel and CSV data into Viewer and OrgChart Builder. (for example, pipe delimited data). ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Chain of Command - Include Chain of Command when creating charts in OrgChart Builder. ENTERPRISE ONLY

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 4.8.2 - Released April 19, 2019

  • Improved user management - easily search and filter user accounts (makes managing large number of users easier)

  • Enhanced internationalization - box labels, profile labels and view name localize based on user language selection

  • Improved support for iPad and Mac laptop trackpads

  • Enhanced portal integration - support for 'UIProfiles' allows for more control over embedded content (e.g. hide/show various user interface elements)

  • Improved Enterprise import - import Excel/CSV files (delivered via SFTP) and merge of iCIMS data into any import

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 4.8.1 - Released March 5, 2019

  • Enhanced performance and stability in OrgChart ViewerOrgChart Viewer Overview

  • Added Additional Fields, Custom Fields, and Active On leave to Enterprise/Premium ADP Connections

  • Restricted links/SSO integration into OrgChart ViewerOrgChart Viewer Overview

  • Enhanced performance and caching with Lookup tables and formulas

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements

Version 4.8.0 - Released Feb. 15, 2019

(First release of OrgChart Now Enterprise Edition)

  • OrgChart Viewer - Load any size org chart instantly (100,000+ records no problem). Streamlined user interface - Enterprise OnlyOrgChart Viewer Overview

  • OrgChart Builder - Simple user interface to create ad-hoc charts quickly and efficiently - Enterprise OnlyOrgChartBuilder

  • Improved Web Sharing - Updated interface for creating URLs (for embedding charts in intranet sites)

  • Workday Connector - Import data directly from Workday

  • Value picker - For formulas and chart templates, drop down that allows you to select from a list of available values for a field. (see: Standard & Complex Rules)Standard and Complex Rules

  • Zoom and Pan - Improved user interface for zooming and panning

  • Enhanced PPT/PDF publishing - Hyperlinks and linked emails addresses can be now included in published documents

  • Bug fixes and other small enhancements