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OrgChart Now 2017 Release Notes

Version 4.3.0 – Released December 12, 2017

  • Namely Connector - Create org charts directly from your Namely account

  • OrangeHRM Connector - Create org charts directly from your OrangeHRM account

  • Custom Connector - Create org charts from almost data source (requires configuration by our professional services team)

  • Real-time org chart engine - Create real-time org charts by supplying an endpoint for data queries

  • Row level security - Control access to privileged fields on a row by row basis (e.g. see salary for employees in a specific set of locations)

  • Min/Max functions - New calculations allow you to determine min or max values within your hierarchy (e.g. max tenure)

  • Secure Photos - Resolve URLs that require basic authentication

  • Improved Excel Connector - Restrict which fields are queried from an Excel or CSV file

  • Improved Scheduler - Easier installation for on-premise deployment

  • Bug fixes

Version 4.2.0 – Released November 5, 2017

  • Improved ADP Integration - Retrieve ADP Key function (in the ADP Configuration panel) simplifies configuration

  • Improved Login Speed - Login is 1/2 to 2 seconds faster

  • Improved ODBC Connector - Restrict which fields are queried from a database table/view

  • Improved SAP Connector - Supports both RFC and XML. Allows for inclusion of user defined fields. Various options for evaluating the hierarchy (Position to Position, OrgUnit to OrgUnit, OrgUnit+Chief Position + Position).

  • Various Security Enhancements

  • Bug fixes

Version 4.1.2 – Released on October 20, 2017

  • Enhanced URL Generator - Added parameters for controlled mouse wheel, initial division shown and initial top box. All generated URLs are now encoded to prevent tampering with parameters.

  • Improved ADP Integration - Support for Single Sign On from ADP Marketplace, ADP Workforce Now and ADP Vantage. Integration with ADP Marketplace (instant access after sign up).

  • Enhanced SAML Integration - Single Sign On access can optionally be controlled using a SAML attribute (permit or not permit access).

  • Enhanced International support - Support for a wider variety of character sets

  • Improved Performance - Saving and Exporting to Excel are 25% faster

  • Improved SAL XML connector - Specify custom fields include in query. Support for Position to Position hierarchies as well as OrgUnit to OrgUnit hierarchies. Also, improved import performance.

  • Improved OnPremise Installer - More flexibility with respect to server configuration

  • Bug fixes

Version 4.1.1 – Released on October 4, 2017

  • Updated SAML Single Sign On - Option to auto provision read only users from a trusted IdP (identity provider). Read only users are assigned to a 'General' access group.

Version 4.1.0 – Released on September 16, 2017

  • Improved PDF Output - Dynamic links, bookmarks, improved photo handling, better scaling and faster performance

  • New Help System - Integrated/Expanded HELP system (with ? on almost all pages) - OrgChart Guide

  • New Tutorials and Quick Start Guide - Updated and improved - Getting Started

  • Improved BambooHR Integration - Simplified API Key Retrieval (just enter user name and password)- BambooHR Connector

  • Improved BambooHR Connector - Support for both " "employmentHistoryStatus" and "status" (Deprecated) fields to filter out "inactive/terminated" employees

  • Improved ADP Integration - Support for Date Custom Fields and Custom Fields associated with a Person record

  • Import CSV enhancements - Automatic detection of separator (e.g. support for semi-colon, comma and tab delimited files)

  • Improved Keyboard Support - most European style keyboards now function as expected

  • Formula Enhancements - Support for DAYS function (e.g. Days a contract has been open given a start date) - Date Math

  • Updated SAML Single Sign On - Handles many additional customer use cases

  • Updated Active Directory Integration - More flexibility (include any attribute) and also ability to extract photos from AD.

  • Bug fixes

Version 4.0.1 – Released on July 8, 2017

  • Import CSV enhancements - now handles UTF-16 encoding and ignores extra columns (beyond those defined in header)

  • ADP Connector Custom Fields - User can add custom fields through UI (see ADP Custom Fields for details)

  • ADP Connector Photo Support Enhancement - User can specify whether to create photo field (or not) when importing/refreshing

  • ADP Photo Query - Now compatible with the latest Workforce Now release

  • CSV Import Performance - 10X performance increase for importing large files (over 1000 records)

  • Improved IE 11 Compatibility

  • Improved Publish Preview - Preview automatically scales (for larger pages)

  • Improved BambooHR Connector - Optionally include terminated employees (future termination date use case)

  • Improved Portal Integration - Charts auto-scale to fit into portal iframe

  • Bug fixes

Version 4.0.0 – Released on June 2, 2017

  • Compare Charts - Generate an Excel report that shows the difference between two charts (add, deletes, moves, changes and moves/changes)

  • Merge Cells - You can now merge cells within boxes (for example, display name as a single row in a 2 column box layout)

  • Enhanced conditional formats - Specify rules that apply to fields within a box (for example, set field to bold based on a rule)

  • Next generation page optimization - Optimize branch styles on the page to achieve balanced/dense presentation of an org chart

  • Enhanced Clipboard - Content can be copied to clipboard and pasted from clipboard (e.g. cut/copy/paste like desktop applications)

  • Enhanced Formulas

  • COUNTIF Optimization - COUNTIF formula optimized for over 10X performance with large data sets

  • LEFT and RIGHT functions now allow entry of a break char (for example, '@' sign to retrieve prefix or postfix of an email address)

  • 'Test' option for MATH function to determine if syntax is correct

  • MATH function now supports Date Math (e.g. years of service from hire date or age from birth date)

  • MATH function can be used to create IF statements using the ternary operator

*([Department] == 'QA' || [Department]) == 'Research'?1:0 - this example returns 1 if department is 'QA' or 'Research' and 0 otherwise.

  • Complex Data filtering - Manually specify complex rules (in Filter Data step of Import Wizard)

([Department] == 'Research' || [Department] == 'Strategy') && ([Status] == 'Active') - this example filters to only include 'Active' employees in 'Research' or 'Strategy' departments.

  • Date based data filtering (in Filter Data step of Import Wizard) - for example, 'HireDate' <= [TODAY] would exclude future hires

  • Subchart Panel Enhancements

  • Manual Ordering - Manually reorder subcharts

  • Subchart Numbers - Optionally show subchart # with subchart name (helpful for repeated names)

  • Identify manually renamed subcharts - Manually named subcharts are show in purple/italic

  • Improved handling of blank subchart names

  • 'Rename All' option in the subchart wizard

  • Improved Multi-chart documents - Use 'Alternate Key' to include additional records (which were not included using the primary 'Split Using' key)

  • Chart Template Auto Optimize - Option to automatically optimize page layout when template is applied

  • Hyperlinks - Fields in boxes can be hyperlinked to email, dial, launch URL or open a file

  • Photo automation - when linked using a URL (or query to HR System) photos are automatically:

  • Converted to jpg (from png or gif)

  • Resized (if large)

  • Resampled (if dpi is not standard or color space is not RGB)

  • TriNet Connector - Create org charts directly from your TriNet account

  • Missing Photo Report - Generate an Excel file detailing all missing photos in an org chart

  • BambooHR Connector Enhancements - Handle matrix reports (if alternate manager specified in BambooHR)

  • Improved Excel Export - Columns are now autosized when data is exported.

  • Improved ADP Connector - Administrator can define a common credential (makes setting up new users easier)

  • Enhanced SuccessFactors Connector - Added support for pulling photos directly from SuccessFactors

  • Bug fixes

Version 3.9.2 – Released on January 29, 2017

  • Improved Assistant Automation

  • Assistant Wizard - Assistant Wizard step added to the Import Wizard.

  • 'IsAssistant' Flag now allows you to specify the type of assistant - standard assistant (1), peer right assistant (2) and peer left assistant (3)

  • Define rules to automatically format both standard and peer assistants.

  • You can control where the first assistant is placed (to the left or to the right of the manager)

  • Improved photo caching for BambooHR, ADP Workforce Now and Google Directory

  • Photo loading counter - look for a count down in the lower left of the application window

  • Improved Application Security

  • Complex passwords - Optional setting to require minimum of 8 characters plus complexity rules (one upper case, one number and one special character)

  • Force password reset - Optional setting to require user to change password after reset

  • Account lockout - After 5 failed password attempts account is locked for 2 minutes

  • Bug fixes