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Audience: Administrators Edition: Team, Enterprise, & Premium


The AVERAGE formula allows users to average a field (for example, average age).

Creating AVERAGE Formula in Workbench

  1. With a chart open, select the Document Ribbon.

  2. Select the Field Manager icon.

  3. Select the Add Formula button.

  4. Select AVERAGE from the dropdown list.

  5. Select which field you want to average using the field dropdown list.

  6. Select the range using the range dropdown list (see range definitions below).

  7. Select OK.

  8. Rename the formula (e.g. Average Salary).

  9. Select OK to complete the rename.

  10. Select OK to save and exit.

The field will now appear in the Profile panel, and be available to be included in Box Styles.

Range Options

When creating an AVERAGE calculation, you can specify the range to include in the calculation. The following range options are available:

  • Self + Subordinates: checks current box and all subordinates (direct and indirect)

  • Subordinates: checks all subordinates (directs and indirect)

  • Self + Direct Reports: check current box and only direct reports

  • Direct Reports: checks only direct reports

Creating AVERAGE Formula in Viewer

  1. Select