OrgChart Now Help Guide

Rollup Examples


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Administrators can use rollup fields to perform calculations based on specific fields from the data source. Rollup static fields include:


A SPLIT formula breaks a data string like comma delimited lists into substrings.


Calculates the average a field (for example, average age).


Counts a number of records that fit a given condition.


Total of all values in a specific field.


The minimum value of a specific field.


The maximum value of a specific field.

For this example, we will build a static rollup field to count the number of employees who are designated as Full Time in the data.

Creating a COUNT Formula

  1. Download the Sample Data.

  2. Create a Master Chart in Viewer using the downloaded Sample Data.

  3. Select More > Chart Settings, and then select Fields & Formulas from the Settings dropdown menu.

  4. Click on the + f(x) button to create a new formula.

  5. Name the new formula Hired in 2020.

  6. Click the + button to add an operation. From the Operation dropdown menu, select Count.

  7. Set the Scope to All Levels, and make sure the check box for Include Self is selected.

  8. Click the Create Rules button.

  9. Set the Type to Date Bracket and the Field to Hire Date.

  10. Check the Static Range box to provide a set date range.

  11. In the From section, use the calendar arrows to navigate to and select January 1, 2020.

  12. In the To section, use the calendar arrows to navigate to and select December 31, 2020.

  13. Click Save.

  14. Click Save and Refresh on the Fields & Formulas page. The new formula can be added to box styles or the master page.


When creating rules, it is important to set the Type to the correct option, to best correlate fields with desired values. The options seen in the image below are used to accomplish this.