OrgChart Now Help Guide

Concatenate Example


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The CONCATENATE formula allows administrators to merge fields and text strings together to create new fields.

Creating a CONCATENATE Formula

  1. Download the Sample Data.

  2. Create a Master Chart in Viewer using the Sample Data.

  3. Select More > Chart Settings.

  4. Select Fields & Formulas from the Settings dropdown menu.

  5. Click the + f(x) button to create a new field.

  6. Name the new field Full Name, then click the + button to add an operation.

  7. Select Concatenate from the menu.

  8. Use the Type dropdown to select Field Lookup, and select First Name. Then click the Add Value button.

  9. Set the Type dropdown to Text, and put a single space in the Value section. Then click the Add Value button again.

  10. Set the next Type dropdown to Field Lookup, and then select Last Name. The Configuration should look like the image below. Click Save.

  11. On the Fields & Formulas page, click Save and then Refresh. The Full Name field can now be placed in the Profile icon, added to a box style, or re-mapped to be the default Name field.