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Arithmetic Examples


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Arithmetic static formulas allow administrators to be able to do basic math with fields available in the source data. In order to complete basic math operations in a static formula, administrators must first select the fields they want to use, then apply the desired mathematic operation, as seen in the steps below.

Multiplication Formula Example

  1. Download the Sample Data.

  2. Create a Master Chart named Static Formula Test using the Sample Data.

  3. Select More > Chart Settings.

  4. Navigate to the Fields & Formulas page from the Settings dropdown menu.

  5. Click the + f(x) button to create a new formula.

  6. Name the new field Total Bonus.

  7. Click the + button to add the first operation, and select Concatenate from the dropdown list.

  8. Set the Type to Field Lookup, and use the dropdown to select the Salary field.

  9. Click the + to add a new operation, and select Concatenate.

  10. Set the Type to Field Lookup, and use the dropdown to select the Bonus Multiplier field.

  11. Click the + button again to add a new operation, and select the Multiply option from the dropdown. The click Save.

  12. Click Save and Refresh on the Fields & Formulas page.

  13. The created field will multiply the information in Salary with the employee's Bonus Multiplier to give the amount of the Total Bonus. This information can be added to box styles, or used for custom calculations.