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Matrix Reporting (Viewer)


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


In this article, you will set up a matrix relationship for one employee using the AuxSuperID field in Excel data. Matrix relationships are sometimes referred to as secondary, auxiliary, or alternate reporting relationships.

To set up Matrix Reporting in Team edition, see Matrix Reporting (Workbench).

Using Auxiliary Reporting

In order to specify a matrix relationship, you will need to add an "AuxSuperID" column to your data. The "AuxSuperID" field contains the "SupervisorID" of the auxiliary (or secondary) manager.

In the example below, Cameron Jones (PersonID 40) has a primary reporting relationship to Carrie Sanders (PersonID 2) and a matrix reporting relationship to Bernard Roth (PersonID 3). When the data is imported, OrgChart will automatically detect the "AuxSuperID" column and consequently create two boxes for Cameron in the org chart (one that reports to Carrie and one that reports to Bernard).


Set Up in Viewer

With the AuxSuperID field in your data, the field needs to be included in the mapping of the chart for the second record to appear.

  1. Download the Sample Data.

  2. In column E of the spreadsheet, create a new column header called AuxSuperID.

  3. Enter the PersonID of the secondary manager (Bernard Roth) in the DottedID column for Cameron Jones.

  4. Create a master chart called "Matrix Reports". See Create a Master Chart for details.

  5. In Viewer, select More > Chart Settings.

  6. Navigate to the Mapping page using the Settings drop-down menu.

  7. Click + New Mapping, then select "Aux Supervisor ID" field from the pop out menu. This will add Aux Supervisor ID as a field that can be mapped.

  8. In the drop down menu that now appears for Aux Supervisor ID, use the menu to select AuxSuperID.

  9. Select the check box to show the subordinates of the employee under the new secondary record.

  10. Save and refresh the chart. You will now have a secondary record, or matrix report, for Cameron Jones showing under the auxiliary Supervisor.



The dashed line border for the matrix report requires a customized Chart Template.