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Level Charts (Workbench)


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A "level chart" is a chart in which the information in the chart has been reorganized into levels (also called "bands") based on specific criteria within the chart. For example, employees may be grouped into levels by salary, title, location, or any other information.

The following article shows to reorganize the information in your chart into levels (based on specific criteria) in OrgChart Workbench. To create a level chart in OrgChart Viewer, see this article.

Creating a Level Chart in Workbench

Before changing to a Level chart, administrators will need to use an existing Workbench chart or use the Import Wizard to create a new chart.

  1. With the desired chart now open, select the Document ribbon.

  2. Select the Properties icon.

  3. Select the button adjacent to "Level" under the Chart Type section. This will cause a dropdown menu to appear under the list of chart types.

  4. Use the dropdown menu to select the desired field to base the re-level of employees in the chart. For the purposes of this example, we will select "Management Level".

  5. Click the green OK button to save and apply changes.

  6. In the main viewing area, the chart will now be re-leveled according to the Management Level for each employee.

  7. Select the Home ribbon, and click the Save button to save your chart to Workbench.