OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Custom Box Styles (Viewer)


OrgChart Now allows Administrators and Read/Write users to create and save their own Box Styles. Create a custom Box Style to display custom formulas, or additional data fields that do not appear in the System generated Box Styles. The following article provides step-by-step instructions for creating a custom Box Style in OrgChart Viewer.

Creating a Custom Box Style in OrgChart Viewer

  1. Log into OrgChart Viewer.

  2. Click on the Shared Styles tab (at the top of the right side panel).

  3. Click on the addtemplate.png icon to add a new box style. An untitled Box Style is created.

  4. Right click on the untitled Box Style, and then select the renametemplate.pngRename option.

  5. Right click on the newly titled Box Style, and then select the edittemplate.pngEdit option. The Box Layout Editor is displayed.

  6. Click on the BLE_BoxShape.png icon (in the top tool bar), and then select a box shape (i.e., Round Rectangle). Optionally, click on the BLE_BorderStyle.png icon to select a border style, or click on the BLE_BorderColor.png icon to select a border color.

  7. Click on the Title cell, and then click on the BLE_AddNewRowBelow.png icon (in the top tool bar) to add a new cell below the selected one.

  8. Right click the empty cell. A list of Fields is displayed.

  9. Search for a Field that you would like to add to the box (e.g. Department Name), and then select it.

  10. Add another cell beneath Department Name by clicking on the BLE_AddNewRowBelow.png icon (in the top tool bar).

  11. Click on the BLE_AddColumnRight.png icon (in the top tool bar) twice to add two columns to the right of the selected cell.

  12. Hold SHIFT and click on the Name cell, and the two adjacent, empty column cells.

  13. Click on the BLE_MergeCells.png icon (in the top tool bar) to merge the selected cells.

  14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 for the Title cell, as well as the cell added in step 7. The box should look like the screenshot below.

  15. Right click on each of the newly added cells to display more than one Field in a row. For example, you may want to add FTE, Status, and Location.

  16. Click on a cell, and then use any of the text tools (in the top toolbar) to stylize the text in the selected cell.

  17. Click on Save at the bottom of the Box Layout Editor panel once you've finished.

  18. Click on the BLUE_SaveIcon.png icon at the top of the right side panel to save your changes.


    Note: To view this Custom Box Style on your chart, you must apply it to a View. The Custom Box Style will be available in the Shared Styles Box Style dropdown menu. Reference the Rule-Driven Charting (Viewer) article for more information.