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Create a Master Chart (Viewer)


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


A Master Chart in Viewer allows you to set up a specific configuration with your data source. In this article, you will be instructed on creating a new chart to be available in OrgChart Viewer, connecting your data source, and configuring the field mapping.

Creating a Master Chart

  1. In Viewer, click on the More icon and select Account Settings.

  2. Under the Settings drop down menu, navigate to "Chart Management".

  3. Select "New Chart".

  4. Name your new Master Chart.

  5. If using Excel data, click the Browse button.

  6. In the Browse window, select the data file from the Data folder, or import the Excel file using the import icon. Click Select.

  7. A Configuration Alert will appear. Click on "Configure Mapping". This will navigate you to the Mapping page under Chart Settings.


  8. On the Mapping page, click the Load button to automatically load the field mapping for your chart.

  9. Ensure that all fields from your data are appropriately mapped on this page. Once finished, Save and Refresh the chart.


Navigating Master Charts in Viewer

If you only have one Master Chart created in Viewer, it will automatically be opened when accessing Viewer. If multiple Master Charts are created in Viewer, you can switch between different Master Charts.

To view additional Master Charts, click on the Options icon and select "Charts" from the drop down menu.


Use the list of Master Charts to navigate to the one you want to view, and click to select. The chart will be opened in Viewer.