OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Conditional Row-Level Security


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


OrgChart Now allows administrators to set conditional row-level security rules. These allow you to show or hide different fields in your org chart based on which employee is currently viewing said chart.


When administrators create user accounts in OrgChart, the username must be the value of whatever field is mapped to PersonID in order for conditional row-level security to work correctly.

Setting Up Conditional Row-Level Security

To set up conditional row-level security, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select More > Account Settings.Account Settings

  2. Select Security from the Settings drop down list.

  3. Select Create New Profile under the Row Level Security section. A new profile labeled "Untitled" will appear.

  4. Select the gear icon adjacent to the new profile to edit the configuration.

  5. Click the + button next to Security Rules to add a new conditional rule.

  6. Click the + button next to Fields to select which fields to restrict. For the purposes of this example, we will restrict the Salary field.

  7. Select the + button next to Definitions to define a new rule.

  8. Select the "Equal" option in the Rule Type drop down list.

  9. Select New Condition.

  10. Use the Field drop down list to select the "isExec" field.

  11. Use the Value drop down list to select the "Y" value for "isExec".

  12. Select Save, then Save, and Save again.

  13. Select the Rename Security Profile icon adjacent to the "Untitled" profile.

  14. Select Save when finished renaming.

Applying Conditional Row Level Security Profile to Access Groups

  1. Select Access Groups from the Settings drop down list.

  2. Select the gear icon adjacent to the Access Group you want to apply the previously created conditions to.

  3. Check the box for Row Level Security.

  4. Select the created Security profile from the drop down list, then click Save.


The Access Group can now be added to users in the Manage Users page as needed.