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Complex Filters Example


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Complex Filters allow users to define what data to include and/or exclude when generating an org chart. This tool can be helpful for quickly exporting certain divisions of an existing chart.

Configure Complex Filters in OrgChart Builder

  1. Sign into your OrgChart Now account.

  2. Download this Sample Data and save the file as "Complex Filters Example."

  3. Upload the sample data to your account, and then create a Master Chart. Reference the article "Creating a Master Chart" for more information.

  4. Click the Workbench icon, and then select OrgChart Builder.

  5. Select All Levels from the Levels to include dropdown menu.

  6. Click the Filter Data tab.

  7. Tick the Specify Data Filter checkbox, and then tick the Complex Rule checkbox.

  8. Click Insert Field, and then select Department from the dropdown menu. The field will appear in the Edit Rule text box.

  9. Highlight Department, and then click Insert Value. This allows you to assign a value to the highlighted field.

  10. Select Sales from the dropdown menu, and then add quotation marks on either side of the value.

  11. Click in-between [Department] and "Sales". Then type the comparison operator == so that the rule matches the screenshot below.

  12. Tick the Matches Only checkbox located under the Filter Settings heading.

  13. Click the Presentation tab, and then select Level 3 from the Start Breaks At dropdown menu.

  14. Select Go. The following chart will be displayed in the Workbench:


(and then show more filters, filtering manager, etc...