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Branch-Level Security Example


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Branch level security limits a user's access to a specific subset of branches within a Master Chart.

Configure Branch-Level Security

1.) Download the Sample Data.

2.) Using the Sample Data, create a Master Chart named "BLS Example." Reference the article "Creating a Master Chart" for step-by-step instructions.

3.) Select More > Account Settings, and then select the Manage Users option.

4.) Click on the Add New User button.


5.) Enter the User ID, Name, and Email Address, as it is shown below. Then, select Ready Only from the Role dropdown menu and General from the Group dropdown menu.


6.) Click on the Create button to add the new user.

7.) Use the Settings dropdown menu to select the Access Groups option.

8.) Select the Create New Group button to create a new Access Group . The Access Group Configuration panel will be displayed.

9.) Name the Access Group "BLS."

10.) Select the Master Chart ,"BLS Example," from the Chart dropdown menu in the Chart Settings section.

>>screenshot here

11.) Tick the box Chart Access. This authorizes access to the "BLS Example" Master Chart for any user assigned to the BLS Access Group.

12.) Tick the box Basic in the Allowed Views dropdown menu. This authorizes access to the Basic view.

13.) Tick the box Branch Level Security . A dropdown menu will appear beneath the Branch Level Security option.

14.) Select Business Unit from the dropdown menu. This will restrict access to the chart based on the end-users' Business Unit. For example, if a user is in the Business Unit "Research," then they will only be able to view employees in the "Research" Business Unit.


15.) Click Save.

16.) Use the Settings dropdown menu to select the Manage Users option.

17.) Hover over "Kathy Martin" and then click on the pen_icon.png icon.

18.) Select BLS from the Group dropdown menu, and then select Update.


19.) Click Update, and then click Exit.

20.) Test Kathy Martin's chart access by impersonating their login. Reference the article "Admin User Impersonations" for step-by-step instructions.

21.) Notice that Kathy Martin is restricted to only viewing their Business Unit.