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Append Data (Viewer) Example


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Append files can be used in your OrgChart account to supplement the data that is imported from your main data source and allows you to combine multiple data sources. These additional files will work with any of the current available data sources.

The following article will walk you through how to use the append data function in OrgChart Now Viewer. (For information on using this function in Workbench, see the Append Data (Workbench) Example article.)

Append files in Viewer can be used to add new data to supplement the main data source. To update or alter any existing data in Viewer, a Merge file will need to be used. See the Merge Data (Viewer) article for more information.

Create the Append File

  1. Download the Sample Data.

  2. Using the Sample Data, create a Master Chart called AppendTest. Reference the article called "Create a Master Chart" for step-by-step instructions.

  3. Open a blank Excel spreadsheet, and name it Append.

  4. In the first row, create the following column headers: PersonID, SupervisorID, Name, Title, Department, and Worker Type.

  5. Populate the following data in for the listed employees:




    Worker Type

    John Doe

    VP of Operations


    Full Time

    James Smith

    Assistant VP of Marketing


    Full Time

    Kevin Jones

    Director of Branding


    Full Time

    Sara Conner

    HR Assistant Director

    Human Resources

    Full Time

  6. Enter a unique identifying number for each record under the PersonID column.

  7. Locate the PersonID for who that record will report to, place this in the SupervisorID column.

    1. Export the entire chart to Excel to obtain a list of PersonID numbers from your data.

    2. Use OrgChart Builder to create a chart including all levels, and use the Profile panel in Workbench to locate PersonIDs.

  8. Save the file to your computer.

Set Up Append Data Function

  1. Go to OrgChart Viewer.

  2. Select MoreChart Settings

  3. Select the plus sign to the right of the "Append Data" section header.

  4. Select the file or connection type of your append data, Excel.

  5. Then select the "Browse" button, this will open a separate dialogue box.

  6. Navigate to the Data folder and select the Upload File icon.

  7. Locate the AppendTest file on your computer, and click Open.

  8. Select AppendTest from the list now available in the Data folder and click Select.

  9. Ensure the "SupervisorID:" field is mapped to the field you are using to determine the supervisor in your hierarchy structure.

  10. Click Save and Refresh.