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Tutorial 6: Using the Box Layout Editor


Audience: Any User Edition: All Editions


This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to edit the presentation of boxes using the Box Layout Editor.

Box Layout Editor

  1. Select the Home ribbon, and then select the Open icon.

  2. Select the folder called Tutorials .

  3. Click to highlight "Tutorial 6," and then select the OK icon to open the chart.

  4. Select the Format ribbon.

  5. Click and drag to select all of the boxes in the chart. Make sure your initial click is just above and to the left of your chart. You can also press Ctrl + A on your keyboard.

  6. Select the Text Wrap tool to prevent fields from truncating.

  7. Select the Unlimited Wrap option. This forces boxes to automatically resize and accommodate their contents.

  8. Unselect all of the boxes by clicking the chart background.

  9. Click on the top box.

  10. Select the Layout tool.

  11. Select the <Title> cell.

  12. Click the Insert Row Below option to add a new row beneath the selected cell.

  13. Drag the Location field from the left-hand panel into the new (empty) cell.

  14. Tick the box next to Preview option in the bottom toolbar.

  15. Set the Box Width to Fixed.

  16. Use the green_arrow.png icon to adjust the width of the box.

  17. Select the Entire Chart radio button (located in the left-hand corner of the bottom toolbar) to apply these changes to the entire chart.

  18. Select the green OK button (in the top toolbar) to exit the Box Layout Editor.

  19. The boxes in the chart now include the Location field.


Proceed to Tutorial 7: Modifying Branch Styles.